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Sharky W. Wisconsin
Testimonial - If you are having a problem with your federal or state taxes then you should consider The people that work at are friendly, easy to work with and hard working. They helped me find years of taxes that did not get filed and help get them filed quickly.

They have great payment options and will work with you as best as they can to help you get your taxes back on track. I am grateful for the help they have provided me in getting my taxes back in order.

Aaron M. North Carolina
Testimonial - You guys are fantastic and look forward to not only completing this epic journey to a pleasant ending, but using you yearly as our tax preparers. You truly have been a blessing and thank you both!

Don S. Texas
Testimonial - I would like to express my satisfaction with the job that has done. The people I dealt with were friendly, courteous, and had a wonderful sense of humor, while getting the job done and done right. They were very concerned with my problem and assured me that they could get something done about it. They did a good job putting me at ease and taking away the worry. Which they did in a very short time.

The IRS had attached my wife's social security and were threathing another levy on us. We are both retired and need the SS to live on. I had my taxes done by a CPA and when she got through with them we owed over $12,000.00. When finished with the same filings, I am getting back a little over $6,000.00 and the money taken out of the SS levy will be refunded. This was all accomplished in about 4 days time. Pretty darn fast in my opinion.

I would recommend Service to anyone that is having trouble with IRS or for filing taxes. It is a great bunch of people to do business with. Give them a try, you will not be sorry you tried them.

Mark B. Louisiana
I did some research before selecting and actually talked to a few firms. I'll tell you honestly that the reason I went with is that the other groups I spoke with seemed unwilling or unable to help, given my specific situation - I had no records of any sort, I didn't remember the details, and as a result most of these people didn't seem to think they could assist. figured it out for me. I owed 60K in Federal tax, I was being garnished for 76% of my wages, which was devastating. The best part of my experience with is that they dealt with my lack of documentation and negotiated a solution I could live with a lot more quickly than I expected.

That being said, they didn't do magic; they negotiated a deal. I'd have loved it if they somehow made the debt go away, but still they worked out a better deal than I had any right to expect; something I can live with.
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Frequently Asked Tax Questions

Answers To Common Tax Questions

What is IRS and State Tax Relief?

Dealing with the IRS can be stressful, expensive, and put a large burden on you and your family. Tax professionals can use legal IRS and state tax programs to help you stop wage garnishments, bank levy’s, and other collection action by the IRS. Working together with the you and the IRS, tax attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and other caring tax specialists will assist you in protecting yourself from the IRS, and resolving your tax problem. Relief from your tax debt will brighten your financial future, and allow you to move forward from under the shadow of your tax debt.

Do I qualify for tax help?

Tax relief is simply the process of helping you to resolve your tax problems. If you owe back taxes, and cannot afford to resolve it by paying your taxes right away in full, then you qualify for tax help. works together with tax professionals who can answer your tax questions, and help you navigate your tax problem to an affordable solution.

How long does the tax relief process take?

The process can take anywhere from 30 days to a few months. works with knowledgeable tax professionals who will ensure that your case is handled correctly, and present you with the best options for resolving your tax problem. The IRS and the state have to approve all tax relief programs, and they sometimes do not respond right away, this is out of your representations power to speed up. What you can do to make the process go quicker, is respond to all correspondence, and make sure to provide the information and documents when they are requested.

How much can I save on my tax debt?

There is no set amount to how much you can save; every tax problem is different, and comes with its own set of qualifying factors, personal financial obligations, and amount owed. works with experienced tax professionals who will help answer your tax questions, and provide to you real solutions to your tax problem. Our tax relief experts will explore all options of resolving your tax problem, and thoroughly qualify you to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your tax problem.

Will a settlement with the IRS or the state hurt my credit score?

Will a Settlement With The IRS or The State Hurt My Credit Score? Tax relief is not debt settlement, and comes with no penalties to your credit. Resolving your taxes will however help you remove your tax liens from your credit score, which will have a great impact on your FICO, and help you get better rates for home, auto, and credit loans.

How much can the IRS garnish from my wages?

The IS and state will often garnish a large percentage of your income, or even all of your income if they are aware of another person in your household who is earning income. They take will take everything you earn which exceeds your allowable expenses. Your allowable expense are what the IRS sets for your county, and often does not include medical bills, student loans, credit cards and many other items. The IRS and state will continue to garnish your wages until you can set up a payment plan, or show a hardship. works with tax experts who can help you quickly respond to the IRS, and do what is necessary to protect your hard earned income.

Can I settle my tax debt even though I have an IRS tax lien on my credit or property?

Yes, you can settle your tax debt even though you have an IRS tax lien, or a state tax lien on your property. What Collection Methods Can The IRS Use to Legally Collect From Me? The IRS and the state have the legal power to collect taxes. They can enforce the collection of your unpaid taxes with wage garnishments, bank levy’s, property seizure, criminal charges, property liens, credit liens, as well as penalties and interest. It is important not to ignore your tax problem, and to take action as soon as possible.’s helpful tax professionals will help you resolve your taxes, and provide you with an affordable and manageable solution to your tax problems.

Do I have any legal rights as a taxpayer which can protect me from the IRS?

The IRS provides a clear set of legal rights and options for taxpayers. It is important to know that there are many programs which will allow you to stop collection action which is being taken against you, as well as guidelines which the IRS and state must follow when attempting to collect on your back taxes.

If I fail to pay my taxes on time, can the IRS or state close my business?

Yes, both the IRS and the state have the legal power to close your business, and revoke your tax identification number if you fail to pay your taxes. Even if your business is not shutdown, penalties of 25% and higher, along with high interest will be added on to your tax debt. If you are facing a payroll, employee, 940/941, sales tax, or other business tax problem, it is important to speak with a tax professional. works with business tax specialists who can help you manage and resolve your tax problems in an affordable manner while keeping your business open.

Can I prevent the IRS from auditing me?

No, you cannot stop the IRS or the state from auditing you. The best way to lower your chances of being audited is by properly filing your taxes, and keeping proper records of all deductions, and receipts. The IRS reviews tax returns at random, and will audit any which they want to take a closer look at.

How should I prepare for an IRS tax audit?

When you receive an audit notice, it is best to contact a tax professional as soon as possible. The revenue officer, collections officer, or revenue agent assigned to your audit will be often times be requesting a large amount of forms, documents, financial information, receipts, and other items related to your tax returns. Many times this list can be daunting, confusing, and you may not even have those records from the previous tax years. works together with tax attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and other tax professionals who will help you get through your audit. A tax professional will take care of documents, scheduling hearings and meetings with your revenue officer, and completing forms. Providing the right information in a timely manner will make a difference in how much you if any at the end of the audit.

For more information on the audit process, the benefit of hiring audit representation, and what to expect, click here.

What do I do if I lost my tax or other financial documents?

If you have misplaced, or lost financial documents, or tax documents from previous years, you can order them from the IRS. The IRS retains all of your income documentation filed under your name. If the IRS does not have it, can place you in touch with a tax professional who can help you deal with your tax problem, even if you are missing documents.

CAn I qualify for tax relief if I have un-filed tax returns?

The IRS and the state require you to file tax returns if you collect income. Failure to file your taxes can result in penalties, interest, and other collection action. The IRS and state will not allow you to resolve your taxes without being current on your tax filings. works with tax experts who can help you prepare and file your federal and state tax returns, and assist you with resolving your back tax problems in an affordable manner.

Will the IRS continue to collect from me after I hire representation?

The IRS will continue to collect from you until your taxes are paid in full. They are in fact required to do so by law.’s tax professionals will work with you to protect you from negative collection action, and help you resolve your taxes in an affordable, and timely manner.

Why hire a tax professional works with experienced tax attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and other tax relief specialist who can help you better understand what your tax problem is, and provide you with affordable solutions. There are many different tax relief programs available, and it can be confusing to figure out what is best on your own. Our tax professionals have years of experience, and a successful and proven track record with resolving tax problems.

Where do I start?

To learn more about your tax relief options, and how it can save you time, energy, money and stress, contact us today for a free, no obligation, and confidential tax case review. You can fill out our simple online form, or contact us direct at 888.601.7080 today.

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