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Sharky W. Wisconsin
Testimonial - If you are having a problem with your federal or state taxes then you should consider The people that work at are friendly, easy to work with and hard working. They helped me find years of taxes that did not get filed and help get them filed quickly.

They have great payment options and will work with you as best as they can to help you get your taxes back on track. I am grateful for the help they have provided me in getting my taxes back in order.

Aaron M. North Carolina
Testimonial - You guys are fantastic and look forward to not only completing this epic journey to a pleasant ending, but using you yearly as our tax preparers. You truly have been a blessing and thank you both!

Don S. Texas
Testimonial - I would like to express my satisfaction with the job that has done. The people I dealt with were friendly, courteous, and had a wonderful sense of humor, while getting the job done and done right. They were very concerned with my problem and assured me that they could get something done about it. They did a good job putting me at ease and taking away the worry. Which they did in a very short time.

The IRS had attached my wife's social security and were threathing another levy on us. We are both retired and need the SS to live on. I had my taxes done by a CPA and when she got through with them we owed over $12,000.00. When finished with the same filings, I am getting back a little over $6,000.00 and the money taken out of the SS levy will be refunded. This was all accomplished in about 4 days time. Pretty darn fast in my opinion.

I would recommend Service to anyone that is having trouble with IRS or for filing taxes. It is a great bunch of people to do business with. Give them a try, you will not be sorry you tried them.

Mark B. Louisiana
I did some research before selecting and actually talked to a few firms. I'll tell you honestly that the reason I went with is that the other groups I spoke with seemed unwilling or unable to help, given my specific situation - I had no records of any sort, I didn't remember the details, and as a result most of these people didn't seem to think they could assist. figured it out for me. I owed 60K in Federal tax, I was being garnished for 76% of my wages, which was devastating. The best part of my experience with is that they dealt with my lack of documentation and negotiated a solution I could live with a lot more quickly than I expected.

That being said, they didn't do magic; they negotiated a deal. I'd have loved it if they somehow made the debt go away, but still they worked out a better deal than I had any right to expect; something I can live with.
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Payroll Tax

Protect Your Business From The IRS

Employers must pay federal payroll taxes, also known as 941 taxes for all of their w-2 employees; failure to pay will result in high interest, severe penalties, and even closing the business. The IRS taxes federal withholding tax very serious, and will treat it as if you stole their money, if you fail to file and pay your quarterly taxes. A trust fund recovery penalty will also be assessed against you for the failing to pay, this can be as high as 25% of the tax liability! The IRS can also garnish your business bank accounts, and force the sale of your business assets and property to satisfy your tax debt.

IRS Payroll Tax Appeal works together with tax attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and other payroll tax specialists who have the experience and knowledge of the IRS collections and appeals process to help you resolve your payroll and business tax problems. The IRS gives all business owners the ability to appeal their federal payroll taxes if they believe the IRS calculation is off, or if they wish to offer a different solution to the IRS.

Speak with A Payroll Tax Professional Right Away

60 days is given for the appeal, and it is very important that you speak with a tax professional as soon as you realize that you are unable to pay your taxes in full. A tax professional can mean the difference in you ability to continue operation your business, or being forced to close it by the IRS. Quick action on your part, can also help you avoid the high penalties and interest the IRS will assess you and your business.

Steps to Payroll Tax Relief

1. File all of your current and missing tax returns. The IRS requires you to be current on your filings if you wish to resolve your payroll taxes.

2. Pay your current quarterly payroll taxes. Even if you are unable to pay your back payroll taxes, you must be pay your current quarterly payroll taxes.

3. Compete IRS Form 433-B Collection Information Statement for Business. This is a detailed report of your business income, expenses, and assets. It is important to fill this out correctly.

It is highly recommended that you hire a tax professional to assist you who can ensure that it is done correctly, and the information provided will help you resolve your tax problem, and not create a larger mess.

4. Negotiate a resolution based off of your business ability to pay, or your personal ability if the business is closed.

Hire a Payroll Tax Professional’s expert tax attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and payroll tax specialists will assist you with resolving your payroll tax problems, whether your business is open, or closed. Working together with a tax professional will ensure that you receive the best options for resolving your payroll tax problems. Hiring a tax professional will allow you to resolve your payroll taxes in an affordable manner, while protecting your business financial security and future from the IRS.

Protect Your Business – Get Payroll Tax Relief: Start Today

Contact us today for a free case review with a payroll tax consultant who can review your legal options for you. Start by simply filling out our short online form, or by calling us direct at 888.601.7080 today.

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