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  • Release IRS Wage Garnishment
  • Negotiate & Settle Tax Debt
  • Audit Defense
  • Remove Tax Liens & Bank Levies
  • Resolve Payroll & Sales Tax Debts
  • Remove Interest Charges & Penalties

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  • Affordable Flat Fee Pricing
  • Interest Free Payment Plans
  • Work With The IRS & All 50 States
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Our Tax Relief Process

  1. FREE Consultation & FREE Case Analysis
  2. Take over IRS communication, protection from from IRS, case review of best tax relief options.
  3. IRS Compliance & Resolution of your Tax Problem.
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"If you are having a problem with your federal or state taxes then you should consider The people that work at are friendly, easy to work with and hard working. They helped me find years of taxes that did not get filed and help get them filed quickly.
They have great payment options and will work with you as best as they can to help you get your taxes back on track. I am grateful for the help they have provided me in getting my taxes back in order."

Sharky W. from Wisconsin

"You guys are fantastic and look forward to not only completing this epic journey to a pleasant ending, but using you yearly as our tax preparers. You truly have been a blessing and thank you both!"

Aaron M. from North Carolina

"I was an owner operator truck driver for a number of years, and was never able to keep up with my taxes. When I came to them for help the IRS was had a levy on my bank account. released the levy and helped me settle my tax debt from over $400,000 to less than ten thousand. I can not thank them enough for their help."

Bryce M. from North Carolina


Below is a list of clients that we were able to reduce their IRS or state tax debt for.*

Client Owed Taxes Settled With IRS/State
Nancy H $25,000 $250IRS
Rafi D $45,000 $5,000IRS
Leslie K $35,000 $10,200IRS
Joseph P $4,500 $1,500STATE
Irving H $15,000 $500IRS
Dwayne S $13,000 $1,000IRS
Kevin A $29,700 $1,000IRS
Darrell L $67,500 $1,500IRS
Michael C $45,000 $5,040IRS
Lori C $16,000 $2,000IRS
Thomas L $19,000 $500IRS
Bobbijo Z $30,000 $1,000IRS
Mary H $12,000 $1,800IRS
Bryce Ml $130,000 $2,662IRS
alma M $305,000 $3,792IRS
Marcos S $307,000 $2,803IRS
James R $35,000 $ZeroIRS
Marcos S $307,000 $2,803IRS
James R $35,000 $ZeroIRS

And the list continues...

Flat Fee Pricing

We understand that dealing with you tax problem can be stressful, and the last thing you want to worry about is being overcharged, or not knowing how much resolving your taxes will cost you. That is why we quote you an affordable flat fee for all services, which we guarantee 100%.

Affordable Interest Free Payment Options

All of our flat fee’s coming with the option of a customized payment plan. No finance costs.... a plan that fits your financial needs.

100% Price Protection Guarantee*

Taking the next step in resolving your tax problem is easier knowing that you are 100% protected from hidden costs and fees. Our tax consultants will review your case with you during your free consultation in order to determine the necessary services to best resolve your tax problem. After completing a comprehensive analysis of your tax problem your tax relief consultant will then quote you a guaranteed flat rate fee that covers your entire case from start to finish. We proudly stand by all of our fee quotes with a 100% guarantee that there will be no additional costs to you for the services provided.

Tax Relief Programs We Offer provides legal tax relief services for IRS and State tax problems. Tax relief services can help you resolve personal and business tax issues. works with caring and experienced tax attorneys, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and other tax professionals who can help you resolve and settle your IRS and state tax debt.

  • File Back Taxes
    The IRS has become increasingly aggressive and efficient in tracking down taxpayers who fail to pay, or file their back taxes on time. Owing back taxes to the IRS or that state makes you vulnerable to enforced collection action which can include wage garnishments, bank levy’s, property seizure, and even criminal charges.

    Having a tax professional properly file your back taxes can protect you in the case of an audit, and mean the difference in how much you end up owing to the IRS. The IRS will file a tax return for you in the event you fail to do so. This is called a “Substitute for Return” and can lead to an estimated and greatly inflated tax debt since the IRS does not use any deductions. Filing your taxes correctly will allow you to take full advantage of expenses, deductions and credits to significantly lower your tax debt.
  • Offer In Compromise
    Offer in Compromise is an IRS program that allows you to settle your tax liability for less than you owe. Many people are not eligible for an offer in compromise; make sure to stay away from companies that promise you an offer in compromise, without first thoroughly investigating and analyzing your tax situation, and preparing the necessary forms for the IRS. An offer in compromise is a great option if you qualify, and can help you reduce your tax debt to a fraction of what you originally owed.
  • Penalty Abatements
    Remove Penalites And Interest From Your Tax Debt The IRS will remove all or part of your penalties and interest from your tax liability if you qualify for penalty abatement. The IRS will often remove the penalties, and keep the interest, however because the penalties can make up to 25% of your tax debt, a penalty abatement can provide a large amount of tax relief.
  • Currently Non–Collectible
    The IRS will place a taxpayers unpaid tax debt in a currently non collectible status, or a hardship status if the taxpayer can show they have no ability to pay without compromising their allowable living expenses. The program is meant to assist taxpayers who are in a difficult financial situation, and can be a great resolution which not only protects from all IRS enforced collection action, but also allows you to pursue other settlement programs such as the Offer in Compromise.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief IRS
    Innocent Spouse Relief is an IRS tax relief program which allows you to claim that you are not responsible for the tax debt, interest, and penalties assessed to you because of a joint return filed by your spouse (or ex spouse). The wrong information provided on the joint tax return is solely their fault, and as such you should be freed from the liability.

    The IRS will require you to prove to them that without a reason of a doubt you have in no way benefited, had knowledge off, or took part in the wrongful information. Innocent Spouse Relief if properly qualified is a powerful IRS tax relief program which can protect you from tax debt you should not owe.debt.
  • 940/941 Payroll Tax Help
    Falling behind on your payroll taxes can lead to many problems. The IRS is very strict with this matter, and will assess fines up to 25% of what you owe, and can seize your business’s accounts, equipment, and even close you down. Your payroll taxes known as a 941 payroll tax are due with your quarterly filings. It is very important to keep up with your payroll taxes. The IRS will issue a trust fund recovery penalty against you for not complying with them.
  • IRS Payment Plan / Installment Agreement
    The IRS is willing to help you pay back your tax debt through a payment plan, if you cannot afford to pay it back all at once. The payment plans differ based off of how much you owe, and what your current financial status is. A payment plan may be a great solution to your tax debt, allowing you to pay it off in an affordable and timely manner.

    Types of Installment Agreements

    Guaranteed Installment Agreement
    A basic agreement for those who owe less than $10,000 to the IRS.

    Streamlined Installment Agreement
    The agreement is called streamlined, because you do not have to disclose your full financial status. This is only for taxpayers who owe $25,000 or less in delinquent taxes.

    Standard Installment Agreement
    If you owe more than $25,000 in back taxes, or you cannot afford the minimum payments on a streamlined installment agreement, you may fill out IRS Form 433-F so the IRS can determine what you are able to pay.

    Partial Payment Installment Agreement
    If you cannot pay off the entire debt, or the statute of limitations is coming up before the entire debt will be satisfied, the IRS may allow you to go on a partial payment plan.
  • Tax Audit Defense and Representation
    The IRS can audit your income or business tax returns to determine if your deductions, expenses, sales tax, and other items were reported correctly. The IRS and state audit representatives are trained to extract more information than you need to disclose during your audit. The information they get from you will help them increase your tax liability, and often can lead to more tax years being audited. Benefits include;
    • Tax Audit defense for personal, business, and sales tax problems,
    • Schedule Audit Appointments and meetings with your revenue officer,
    • Handle all communication between you and the IRS or state during your tax audit,
    • Properly prepare, gather, and review all necessary documents for your tax audit,
    • If necessary, handle an appeals or motions after your tax audit,
    • Free's you from the burden of a tax audit, allowing you to concentrate on your family, and your job.